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Front Wrap Cross Carry 

The FWCC is a very popular carry using a long wrap.  This carry is ideal for  babies from 4kg (9lbs) and up.  This carry is very comfortable with a toddler. 

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Instructions in detail:

Find the middle marker (WW) of the wrap. Place the wrap against your baby’s back, with the WW centered on baby's back  level with the ears.  The lower part of the wrap should go from knee to knee and the upper part of the wrap should reach the baby's neck. 
Place one rail under baby's bum  while holding your baby.  Create the baby’s “seat” by gathering the excess fabric under baby's bottom and pulling it up between yourself and your baby. The fabric behind baby's back should be straight and flat.
While holding the baby against your chest with one arm, take your other hand and from the WW, slide out one arm’s length on the top rail, pull that section of fabric to the hand holding your baby and slide out another arm’s length.  
Hold that section of fabric securely while you bring the wrap up, around the back of your head draped across your back coming over your opposite shoulder. 
Gently tighten the tail you just brought around your back and over your shoulder and tuck between your legs to hold tension.  Continue to hold and support your baby. 
Repeat with your other arm, while holding baby securely.  
Now your wrap should be crisscrossed across your back. Take your time to ensure the wrap doesn’t get twisted. If the center pouch is loose, you can tighten it a little by pulling each tail of the wrap. Ensure baby's legs come out from the lower part of the wrap and that baby's knees are higher than her bottom.
Find the top rail of the wrap that is over one of your shoulders and tighten the top rail of the wrap behind baby's neck by pulling upwards. The baby should be firmly against your chest. If the upper rail is too loose, the baby's upper body will be too far away from you and baby won't be secure in the wrap.  
Continue to tighten the middle and lower rail of the wrap by gathering the wrap starting at the top rail and gentley pulling snug then gather the next part of the wrap in your hand and tightn.  Continue to tighten "strand by strand" until you reach the bottom rail and your baby is feeling snug and secure.  
Repeat this tightening method with the wrap tail over your other shoulder. Hold the already tightened ending with your free hand or between your knees so it won't loosen again. 
Once both tails are tight, bring each tail to the front on each side of the baby.
Hold each end snuggly and cross the wrap under baby's bottom.  This helps to strengthen the baby's seat.
Bring the wrap tails to your back under baby's legs.  Your baby should be seated  in a “frog” like position with their knees above their hips. 
Tie a double knot  at your lower back. The fabric may feel secure with a single knot however double knotting will prevent slipping.  
When baby falls asleep, you can spread the fabric behind the baby's head.
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