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Rucksack Carry

The Rucksack Carry is a very popular back carry using a long wrap.  This carry is ideal for  babies from 4kg (9lbs) and up.  This carry is very comfortable with a toddler. 

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Instructions in detail:

Place the middle marker (WW) in the center of your baby's back while holding your baby on your hip. Place one rail under your baby's bum and the other rail  on your baby's shoulder so that the fabric will come up to the level of your baby's ears.
While supporting your baby slowly bend forward whie sliding your baby on to your back. Ensure that the wrap "cups" your baby's bottom. 
While supporting your baby's bottom arrange the tails so that each tail is over the back of your baby with the wrap being flat on your baby's back. Bring one tail over your shoulder and put gentle pressure on the fabric. Place the tightened tail between your knees to hold the pressure.
While holding pressure on the wrap with your knees, switch hands that are supporting your baby.  With your free hand bring the other tail of the wrap over your shoulder. 
Tighten the top rail while holding pressure on the other tail with your knees.  This will start to provide additional support to you baby. 
Place the tail between your knees to maintain the pressure on both tails. With your hands bring the fabric up between you and your baby ensuring tthat you spread the fabric from knee to knee.  This will make the pocket that is your baby's seat.  
This is the rear view of bringing the fabric under your baby's bottom making a pocket and the seat for your baby.  Ensure the fabric is brought between yourself and your baby while spreading the fabric from knee to knee on your baby. 
Bring one of the tails from between your knees and bring around to your back and over your baby's first knee. 
Pass this tail under your baby's bum and under your baby's other knee.  
While holding the first tail, pass the second tail of the wrap backwards over your baby's knee. 
Pass the second tail under your baby's bottom  and under your baby's other knee.  Now you should have a tail under and over each of your baby's knees. 
Pass both tails to the front and tie a double knot.  
This carry is so weightless you may forget that you are carrying your baby. Remember that your baby is on your back so be careful when turning around not to turn your child into an object.  Your baby will love to explore the world  while on your back. Older babies will love to get their arms out and further explore too!  As always, be aware of your child and periodically check and look back to see how your baby is doing and what your baby is doing. 
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