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Instructions for Basic Carries


Take time to learn how to securely wrap your baby.  Often many will use another person, or spotter, to ensure baby’s safety while getting the hang of it.  Try using a doll to practice until you feel comfortable.  It will feel a bit awkward at first, and it will soon be second nature.  The wrap will feel more comfortable on your shoulders, if you take your time to adjust it smoothly.  Remember to ensure your baby's safety first.  When learning seek the guidance from an experienced baby wearer or from a qualified baby wearing instructor.

The best thing about the Front Wrap Cross Carry is that, if you’re going to run errands, you can “pre” wrap yourself before leaving your home.  When you get where you’re going, you can quickly pop baby in the front and tighten

Going out for a long walk or going to walk around your local farmers market?  Try using a rucksack carry for your baby.  This is a great carry when you want the freedom of movement with you hands. Just remember to continue to keep track of your baby!  Little arms can reach a long way!

Ring slings offer a convienent and affordable way to carry your baby.  Just remember to have a great seat, as there is only one pass going over your babys back and bottom so getting a good tie may not be as easy as in a wrap!  Always remember proper positioning!

It's improtant to regularly wash your wrap.  It cleans your wrap taking off layers of grime that gets in there from use.  During use the cotton material gets stretched.  Washing helps to bring those fibres back to their original condition.  Finding your wrap is a little saggy? Give it a good wash and dry according to instructions!

If you need safety gear you should not be wearing your baby!  If you have second thoughts about doing something while wearing then maybe its not a good idea.  Your baby's saftey starts  with you and is ultimately your responsibilty.  If you have a doubt then stop and start asking questions!

Woven fabric is great for support during pregnancy and during labour and delivery.  Please ensure you consult your health care provider, miwife, or doctor before using any of the labour and delivery positions described. 

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