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Ring Sling

The Ring Sling Carry is a very popular carry using a short wrap with rings sewen into one side.  This carry is ideal for  babies from 4kg (9lbs) and up.  

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Instructions in detail:

Pass the tail of the ring sling  through both rings. 
Spread rings and pass the fabric back through the bottom ring.
Unbunch the fabric and spread evenly in the rings. 
Place the ring sling over one soulder with the rings on the top of the shoulder, where you would wear your corsage. 
Shape the ring sling into a pouch where your baby will sit.  The lower rail of the sling should be at waist height and the upper rail should be above the chest approximately level with your collar bone. 
Place your baby against your uncovered shoulder and support with one hand.  With your free hand reach into the pouch that you formed.  Slide your baby down from your shoulder into the pouch supporting the baby’s bottom with your free hand.  
Spread the fabric over your baby’s back up to the baby’s head with the top rail being about two finger widths above your baby’s ears.  For older baby’s who can support their heads the upper rail can be lower onto the baby’s shoulders.   Ensure there are no creases in the material across your baby’s back.  Tuck the remainder of the fabric and the lower rail under the baby’s bottom creating a seat.
The West 4th Wraps Ring Sling  will now need to be tightened.  Carefully tighten the upper rail on the tail by pulling the edge of the fabric through the rings.  Work across the fabric tightening strand by strand working your way to the lower rail.  When tightening gently lift your child to assist with tightening.
Continue to tighten across the entire width of the sling until the baby feels comfortable and snug to your torso. 
Position the baby’s legs in the frog position.  This position is necessary for healthy development of your baby’s hips and also keeps your baby’s back rounded.  Your child’s knees should be level with their belly button. 
To loosen your ring sling lift your baby and lift the upper ring which will allow the fabric to slide and loosen.  You will be able to reach into the pouch and lift your baby out the top, or slide your baby out of the bottom, of the carrier. 
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