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General Babywearing Safety and Tips:


A West 4th Wrap is essentially a long piece of fabric  that has been specifically designed for optimal baby wearing. Our biggest concern is the safety of you and your little one. Please read and understand  all safety  warnings and instructions before using this or any wrap.


Your baby’s safety is your responsibility.  Read all instructions and safety material  before use.  If at any time  you feel that your baby is unsafe, uncomfortable, or improperly secured, unwrap and tie again.


Seek assistance from an experienced baby wearer or a baby wearing educator before use and if you are having  difficulties learning to use your wrap.


Ensure your baby is secure before letting go. West 4th Wraps  are not intended to replace your hands,  Our wraps are intended to give support while you carry your baby allowing you to have the freedom with your hands to provide additional  support when and where needed.  When leaning over place hands on your child to provide extra support and preventing a potential fall.


West 4th Wraps are intended  to be used to carry your baby in an upright position facing the caregiver only. Your baby should be seated  in a “frog” like position with their knees above their hips. 


Never wear your baby in an outward facing position.  This position  increases the risk of the child falling out of the carrier and may be detrimental to proper development of your child’s body.


Before using your West 4th Wrap, or any other baby carrier,  make sure that both you and your baby are relaxed.  If needed practice with a doll first.


Ensure that your baby’s face is always visible and in a position that is close enough for you to kiss.  Ensure that your child’s airway is not restricted.  Ensure that your baby’s face is visible at all times.


Read and follow all printed instructions before use.  If not sure of proper and safe use please consult with a qualified baby wearing educator.


Check for ripped seams, tears, and damaged hardware, if applicable, before  each use.   If found, stop using the carrier.


Always ensure that all knots or buckles and adjustments are secure.


Ensure that the baby is safely positioned in the carrier according to manufacture’s instructions.


Never leave a baby in a carrier that is not being worn.


Check on your baby often.  Ensure that your baby is periodically repositioned.  Ensure your baby’s air way is  clear and unrestricted  to  prevent suffocation.


Check your baby to ensure that the wrap is not  restricting circulation.  Be aware of your child’s arms or legs which are not  within the wrap -  they may be cold!


Be aware of your surroundings and what your baby maybe able to reach, especially when wearing your child on your back.


Never use a carrier when balance or mobility is impaired for any reason, including but not limited to during exercise, drowsiness, or medical conditions.


Never place more than one baby in a carrier at one time.  Never use/wear more than one carrier at a time.


Never use a sling carrier while engaging in activities such as cooking and cleaning which involve a heat source or exposure to chemicals.


Do not allow  the tails of the wrap to dangle  below your knees and if necessary tuck the ends  into your waist.  Be cautious of moving items near the tails of your wrap.  Tails getting caught in moving parts can be dangerous for both you and your baby.


Ensure that you have good supportive footwear that provides adequate traction and support for the surface you are on.  Avoid baby wearing if conditions are potentially dangerous such as in icy conditions or on wet floors.


Monitor your baby at all times.  Ensure your baby’s chin and chest are not touching as this can restrict your baby’s breathing.


Do not let the carrier touch your baby’s mouth or nose area as this may restrict breathing.


Ensure a proper and snug fit to prevent your baby from wiggling out of the carrier.


Monitor your child’s temperature and breathing at all times.   Remember that your body heat will warm your baby while being worn.  Ensure your baby is wearing appropriate clothing.


Ensure your baby is worn in an up right position with your child’s entire body above your belly button.


Never wear a sling carrier while driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle.  Use an approved car seat which is installed properly to ensure your child’s safety.


West 4th Wraps are not safety devices, rather a tool allowing for care and nurturing of your child. The parent, or caregiver, is ultimately responsible for the safety of the child, especially when in the carrier.  


Remember your own health and safety.  If you are not comfortable or are tired then try to reposition your baby or take a break.

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