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What's New on Our Loom

West 4th Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Inspiration

This is gorgeous sunset picture taken near Sonoma, CA on the June 2016 Strawberry Full moon and on the summer solstice. Photo taken by Lindsay Anna Miressi, collaboration and post submission by her childhood summertime Camp Nellie Huckins pal, and our American community babywearing liaison, Rebecca Snow

Strawberry Moon mock up

Strawberry Moon mock up

The Strawberry Moon. According to the Farmers Almanac, the coinciding of this June's full moon with the Summer Solstice was a celestial rarity- having not occurred in nearly seventy years! This heavenly treat brought with it a pure sparkle of vibrant summer energy, and beautiful, ripe light to our evening sky. We sipped tea....and watched the sun make it's departure....descending down these Northern California hills to take its leave for this magical Strawberry Moon. According to the Farmer's Almanac, Native Americans, who walked this rich land and watched this golden moon glow in the sky before our day, knew this moon to signify the time had come for summers fruit harvest. Hence, we give remembrance and look up to this luscious Strawberry Moon.

This photo was taken from a real special spot, here on this Sonoma hilltop. Truly just a lovely slice of heaven, a mountain top farm that raises 4H chickens - We have a couple trusty steeds for riding & beautiful sun kissed gardens. The farm is surrounded by blackberries & a creek & we have many fruit trees on the property. Wildlife here is a plenty, Hawks, hummingbirds, coyotes, mountain lions, peacocks, etc. On the surrounding mountain land free range grazing cows are everywhere in giant open spaces. They often stop traffic & act as really unproductive crossing guards.  It has been a peaceful, magical & beautiful place to call home.


West 4th "Strawberry Moom" will be going on the loom this the first week of August, 2016.  To reserve your spot please send us an email to  or by filling out our request form 

You can select the size of wrap you would like, your fiber and colour choice (from what is available), and your tail and or middle marker accents.  All of our wraps are woven with a plain weave with a cotton warp and your choice of weft.  Pricing is as follows:


Al of our wraps come with our folded "W" thread middle marker and there are optional tail accents and middle marker accents, such as blessing threads and pinstripes, colour blocks, graduated colour blocks, faux grad or split weft colours. 


For weft fibres we have:


Cotton - 100% cotton wraps are soft and floppy right out of the box and are a great choice for a new wrapper and a seasoned veteran a like.  Cotton has a fair amount of diagonal stretch which makes the wraps nice and cushy and soft on the shoulders.  Cotton easy care machine wash and dry. You will find that cotton wraps will elongate with use.. and wash and dry will bring them back to their original size.  Our cotton wraps are a mid to light weight at approximately 250gsm


Flax blend - Our 50% cotton, 25% flax, and 25% lyocel wraps are also soft and floppy right out of the box.  The first thing that people notice is how amazingly soft the flax actually is.  Linen is flax... but our flax undergoes a enzymatic digestion process before spinning which breaks down the plant lignins resulting in a super soft fibre.  Our flax blend wraps are cushy with less diagonal stretch than our cotton wraps.  Flax blend are great for full term new borns and toddlers alike.  Flax blend wraps are also machine wash and dry.  the flax blend weft readily absorbs moisture and wicks it away making the flax blend wraps the perfect choice for warm weather. Our cotton wraps are a light weight at approximately 240gsm


Merino Wool - our 50% cotton and 50% merino wool wraps have the most diagonal stretch of all our wraps. Our merino wool blend wraps are the ultimate in cush.  They are heavier than all of our other wraps at about 300gsm however don't let their weight fool you.  These are thin and floppy out of the box and very soft.  Our merino wool only comes in natural and is a hand wash.  Merino also wicks the moisture away making the wrap a great choice for high humidity and warm weather a like. 


Superwash merino wool and tussah silk - Our 50% cotton, 32% SW merino wool, and 18% tussah silk wraps have a similar weight to our merino wool wraps at 295 gsm with less diagonal stretch than our merino wraps.  These wraps are cushy and strong and stable.  Once again these are a perfect wrap for a new born and toddler a like. These wraps can be machine washed gentle however we do recommend a handwash. 


Silk - Our 50% cotton and 50% silk wraps  are amazingly soft and floppy with very little diagonal stretch.  They feel great wrapped and wick the moisture away making this fibre blend a perfect hot weather choice.   Silk is soft for a new born and strong for a toddler.  Silk blend wraps are our thinnest wrap  weighing in at about 230-240 gsm. 

Previous Projects:

The Mock up
Jewelled Bouquet Warp
1 . Blue flax blend weft
2. Aqua Flax blend weft
3. Charcoal Flax blend weft
4. Purple Flax blend weft
5. Natural flax blend weft
6. Medium Blue - Cotton or silk weft
8. Purple - Cotton or silk weft
7. Grey - Cotton or silk weft
9 - Turquoise - cotton or silk weft
10 - Light blue - cotton or silk weft
11. Royal Blue - cotton weft
12. Aqua - Cotton weft
13. Blue - Cotton
14. Natural - Cotton or Merino wool, or Superwashmerino & tussah silk weft

West 4th Jewelled Bouquet

"This "Jewelled Bouquet" has all of my family's favourite colours. I love the elegance of wrapping compared to other forms of Babywearing, and I think that this jewelled bouquet portrays that beautifully." Custom mom


West 4th "Jewelled Bouquet" is now finished weaving.  To rget your own "Jewelled Bouquet" handwoven please send us an email to  or contact any of our retailers.  

West 4th Northern Lights

Northern Lights Inspiration
Northern Lights mock up
Northern Lights Warp
14. Jeans Cotton
13. Charcoal Cotton
11 Black Cotton
12. Royal Cotton
10. Purple Cotton
9. Marine cotton
8. Pink Flax
7. Raspberry Flax
6. Purple Flax
5. Blue Flax
2. Charcoal Flax
4. Auqa Flax

The Weaving on West 4th Northern Lights is now complete.  Did you miss the weaving and still interested in a piece?  We do have a couple extra pieces with our charocal and our purple flax blend weft.  for details please send us an email at

You can also order your Northern Lights wrap by visiting the Heart Hugs Website (click here)

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