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Dark Blue Sky is a handwoven baby carrier woven wrap that is inspired by one of the many rainbows we get here in Alberta each week during the summer.  This classic rainbow is on a dark blue back ground.


Dark Blue Sky woven baby carriers are available  in 100% cotton, 50% cotton/25% flax/25% tencel, 50%cotton/50% silk, 50% cotton/50% merino wool, or 50% cotton/38% super wash merino wool/18%silk.  During the pre-order period you can select your weave structure in plain, pebble, West4thTwill, or West 4thHearts.  You can also select your accents from colour block, pinstripes, accent threads in the middle of the wrap on on the tails.


West 4th woven baby carriers are available as woven baby wraps and woven ring slings are available as ring slings (2m from tail to rings) in our short wraps in sizes small (3m), medium small (3.8m, size 4), and in our base size wraps medium (4.2m, size 5), large (4.6m, size 6), and XLarge (5.2m, size 7).  You can also request a custom length of woven baby carrier or your prefered size of fabric for your sewing project.  


Estimated time of delivery is approximately 2-4 weeks.  


By completing payment on full at the time of order you will recieve your tail accents or middle market accents at no charge.  


To provide a 20% deposit at the time of ordering please use the coupon code "Deposit20" at the time of check out.  you will recieve a manual paypal invoice for the balance of your carrier at the time your carrier is ready to be shipped to you. 


Information on the fibre comtent of our wraps:

  • Cotton - 100% cotton wraps are soft and floppy right out of the box and are a great choice for a new wrapper and a seasoned veteran a like.  Cotton has a fair amount of diagonal stretch which makes the wraps nice and cushy and soft on the shoulders.  Cotton easy care machine wash and dry. You will find that cotton wraps will elongate with use.. and wash and dry will bring them back to their original size.  Our cotton wraps are a mid to light weight at approximately 250gsm

  • Flax blend - Our 50% cotton, 25% flax, and 25% lyocel wraps are also soft and floppy right out of the box.  The first thing that people notice is how amazingly soft the flax actually is.  Linen is flax... but our flax undergoes a enzymatic digestion process before spinning which breaks down the plant lignins resulting in a super soft fibre.  Our flax blend wraps are cushy with less diagonal stretch than our cotton wraps.  Flax blend are great for full term new borns and toddlers alike.  Flax blend wraps are also machine wash and dry.  the flax blend weft readily absorbs moisture and wicks it away making the flax blend wraps the perfect choice for warm weather. Our cotton wraps are a light weight at approximately 240gsm

  • Merino Wool - our 50% cotton and 50% merino wool wraps have the most diagonal stretch of all our wraps. Our merino wool blend wraps are the ultimate in cush.  They are heavier than all of our other wraps at about 300gsm however don't let their weight fool you.  These are thin and floppy out of the box and very soft.  Our merino wool only comes in natural and is a hand wash.  Merino also wicks the moisture away making the wrap a great choice for high humidity and warm weather a like.

  • Superwash merino wool and tussah silk - Our 50% cotton, 32% SW merino wool, and 18% tussah silk wraps have a similar weight to our merino wool wraps at 295 gsm with less diagonal stretch than our merino wraps.  These wraps are cushy and strong and stable.  Once again these are a perfect wrap for a new born and toddler a like. These wraps can be machine washed gentle however we do recommend a handwash. 

  • Silk - Our 50% cotton and 50% silk wraps  are amazingly soft and floppy with very little diagonal stretch.  They feel great wrapped and wick the moisture away making this fibre blend a perfect hot weather choice.   Silk is soft for a new born and strong for a toddler.  Silk blend wraps are our thinnest wrap  weighing in at about 230-240 gsm. 

Dark Blue Sky


    Size Chart

    Ring Sling - 2 meters

    Small - 3 meters

    Medium Small - 3.8 meters, size 4

    Medium - 4.2 meters, size 5

    Large - 4.6 meters, size 6

    XLarge - 5.2 meters, size 7

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