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Illuminate is a handwoven baby carrier woven wrap that is inspired by our love of sharing babywearing with new parents.  Illuminate is a Pink to Natural grad design with pinstripes of a variety of colours that become more predominate as the pink transitions to natural.  Illuminate started as a teaching wrap design and by popular demand we have offered it in all of our sizes.  


Illuminate woven baby carriers are available  in 100% cotton. 


West 4th woven baby carriers are available as woven baby wraps and woven ring slings are available as ring slings (2m from tail to rings) in our short wraps in sizes small (3m), medium small (3.8m, size 4), and in our base size wraps medium (4.2m, size 5), large (4.6m, size 6), and XLarge (5.2m, size 7).  






    Size Chart

    Ring Sling - 2 meters

    Small - 3 meters

    Medium Small - 3.8 meters, size 4

    Medium - 4.2 meters, size 5

    Large - 4.6 meters, size 6

    XLarge - 5.2 meters, size 7

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