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Ring slings are for all stages of little one!

Wearing your newborn in a sling, or wrap, creates an environment similar to womb environment, surrounding them with the familiar. Hearing and feeling the beat of the caregivers heart, rocking gently in a swaying motion that new parents master quite quickly, or with the wearer's walking footsteps. Whats more, the soothing sensation and comfort provided to their small body, from the swaddled position that supports the baby's natural curvature of the spine, mimics the position they assumed when they were in the womb.

Ring slings are an easy and convenient babywearing option for new parents as you begin to share the great big world with your precious child. Ring slings are a wonderful option for caregivers of any size and children of any age! They are highly adjustable, compact and easy to fit into a bag, wash up easily, and can be worn on the front or the hip.

Ring slings are a perfect choice for the tender tiny newborn as well as the up-and-down on the go toddler.

Our Accessible Line as well as our custom and handwoven fabrics are available as Ring Slings. Pictured here is our New Beginnings colorway, a soft classic ROYGBIV rainbow woven with a gentle natural-colored American-grown cotton weft.

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