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West 4th "GlorLeeB"

GlorLeeB was the name that the custom mom's family gave to a very special place... a beach house in the Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Fond memories were made with the extended family in that house and on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The sandy beaches are lined with oat grass on one side and the blue waters of the ocean on the other side. West 4th GlorLeeB combines the greys of the sandy beaches, the greens of the oat grass, purples of the flowers on the beach, and the blues of the Atlantic Ocean. This past year the custom mom's grandparents sold their life long home so the only thing left to remind her of these days are her family and her memories. The family will still come together as always to wrap each other in love, but no longer at that simple home on that beautiful beach. As GlorLeeB held the family for so long now this GlorLeeB will help the custom mom hold her little ones close and wrap them in the love of her family.

GlorLeeB is now open for pre-order. In your semi-custom spot you can choose your weft fibre and colour, your weave structure, your size or item, and your accents for tails and or center markers.

Nancy has wove samples of cotton in Grey, natural, Marine, charcoal, black, Sierra Brown, blue Jeans, light blue. In our flax blend weft Nancy wove samples of charcoal, blue, and natural. Merino wool and superwash merino wool and silk weft are both available in natural only. Silk is available in natural, grey, marine, black, and light blue.

Weft samples:

Weave Structures:


You can also order your piece with accent threads (pictured), pinstripes, colour block, graduated colour blocks, or any other accent that you would like to discuss. These accents are available during the pre-order period only and are included at no cost if your warp is paid in full at the time of ordering. Please send us an email to to arrange immediate payment.

To order your piece from GlorLeeB please submit your order on our order form here:

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