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West 4th Butterfly Babies

Butterfly Babies Inspiration

When the time is right our little ones come to us and make their homes for nine months before entering the world. Sometimes the time is not and yet our little ones come to visit us in the form of the wind blowing through our hair to remind us that they are there. Sometimes it is in the form of a butterfly that comes and lands on our finger and just stays there. The butterfly reminds us of the precious and delicate nature of our little ones and of our little ones that are yet to come to us.

We will be accepting requests for custom woven spots on Butterfly Babies until August 29, 2016. To reserve your spot please send us an email at by filling out our request form at:

Weft Options:

Weft options available are cotton in natural, aqua, black, charcoal, royal blue, marine blue, purple, and dark purple; merino wool in natural only; superwash merino and tussah silk in natural only; flax/tencel in blue, charcoal, aqua, and purple. Silk is available in turquoise, light blue, blue, pink, fuschia, and raspberry. Additional colours can be woven at your request... the interesting thing with this warp is the weft colour is very predominant and the wrap will be the colour of the weft with a dark hue.

West 4th Twill with the mock up:

Mock up and the warp:

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