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West 4th Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Moon is on the loom and we are weaving wraps, cowls, scarves, and pieces for conversion into our bags.

According to the Farmers Almanac, the coinciding of this June's full moon with the Summer Solstice was a celestial rarity- having not occurred in nearly seventy years! This heavenly treat brought with it a pure sparkle of vibrant summer energy, and beautiful, ripe light to our evening sky. We sipped tea....and watched the sun make it's departure....descending down these Northern California hills to take its leave for this magical Strawberry Moon. According to the Farmer's Almanac, Native Americans, who walked this rich land and watched this golden moon glow in the sky before our day, knew this moon to signify the time had come for summers fruit harvest. Hence, we give remembrance and look up to this luscious Strawberry Moon.

This photo was taken from a real special spot, here on this Sonoma hilltop. Truly just a lovely slice of heaven, a mountain top farm that raises 4H chickens - We have a couple trusty steeds for riding & beautiful sun kissed gardens. The farm is surrounded by blackberries & a creek & we have many fruit trees on the property. Wildlife here is a plenty, Hawks, hummingbirds, coyotes, mountain lions, peacocks, etc. On the surrounding mountain land free range grazing cows are everywhere in giant open spaces. They often stop traffic & act as really unproductive crossing guards. It has been a peaceful, magical & beautiful place to call home.

Nancy working on Strawberry Moon

We will be accepting requests for custom woven spots on Strawberry Moon until August 15, 2016. To reserve your spot please send us an email at by filling out our request form at:

Weft Samples:

Aqua weft - Flax or cotton

Blue weft - Silk, flax blend, or Cotton

Black cotton and Charcoal Flax blend weft

Natural Flax Weft

Natural Weft - Merino wool, Merino wool/Silk, and Cotton

Purple weft - Flax, silk, or cotton

Royal Blue Weft - Cotton

Raspberry Weft - Cotton, silk, or flax

Pink weft - Silk or cotton

Fuchsia weft - cotton, silk, or flax
Marine weft - Cotton

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