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West 4th Tranquility

West 4th "Tranquility" is our next custom project that is now on the loom.

"The calming Tranquility of the spring inspires me. It's a time of new growth, a time for hope and birth. It's a time where ideas come into fruition, animals come out of their cozy long winter's rest, refreshed. The sound you hear when the birds sing peacefully upon their return and you lay in the grass looking up at the clouds, feeling the gentle breeze brush across your face. Peace. It all starts with that first blossom." Custom mom.

Your semi custom spot on Tranquility can be reserved here:

Nancy has woven the weft samples in Cotton, which is available in all our colours and sampled in Sierra brown, light pink, Beige, Chocolate Brown, Ivory, Dark Brown, Natural, Khaki Green, Light Lime Green, Lime Green.

Our Flax blend weft is available in Charcoal, Fuchsia, Purple, Natural, Blue, Raspberry, and Teal.

Merino wool and super wash merino wool and tussaha silk are both available in natural only.

Silk is available in natural, light blue, light pink, raspberry, purple, old blue, dark blue, fuchsia, and grey.

Tranquility will be open for pre-order until April 6, 2017.

Cotton weft samples:

Our flax blend weft samples:

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