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West 4th Just Before

Just Before is inspired by a gorgeous sunset on the morning that a special little one was born Just Before dawn. This design is inspired by the rich blues, charcoals, and blacks that are so intense just before dawn and the oranges of the sun on the edge of the horizon that are just stating to light the sky, grey and light blue of the clouds, the pale orange of the morning sun dancing in the clouds, and the rich sky blues of the morning sky. Dawn is a magical time and on that special day Just Before dawn the real magic happened as a little baby took that precious first breath and announced the morning was here with that first cry.

With all of Nancy's customs they start out as a mockup to show how the colours of the yarn will interact. Nancy works with the custom mama to make any changes and then once everyone is happy we order supplies and book a time for the loom.

The weaving process starts out by making the warp. The warp is made up of individual threads that run the length of the fabric. Nancy makes her warps in sections by winding yarn from spools and then onto the beam. Once the warp is complete then Nancy threads the heddles which will move the threads up and down during the weaving process. Once each thread is brought through the heddles then the reed is threaded and Nancy ties the warp on to the loom, tightens and we are ready to start weaving.

During the weaving process the warp threads and lifted and lowered to make the "shed" in which the shuttle will pass inserting the weft thread. The heddles are then lowered and the weft yarn is beat into place.

On Just before Nancy wove samples of Cotton, in Royal Blue, Grey, Old Blue, Marine Blue, Natural, Black, and Jeans Blue; our Flax/tencel blend, in Blue, Natural, and Charcoal. Additional weft fibres available include merino wool and superwash merino wool/silk, both available in natural only, and in our silk, in Black, Marine Blue, Grey, and Old Blue.

Just Before Weft samples:

Just Before is available in plain weave, in pebble weave, in our West4thTwill weave, and in our West4thHeart weave.

When ordering your custom piece you can request tail accents and/or middle marker accents. for accents we offer accent threads, some times referred to as blessing threads, pinstripes, colour blocks, graduated colour blocks, or a faux grad colour change. Accent threads are decoration threads .

To order your piece from Just Before please submit your order on our order form here:

or go to our online store here:

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