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Proof Positive

Starting your journey as a parent often involves two little lines. for some getting those two lines is easy and for others its not so. When you finally get those two little lines there is no other feeling in the world to know that soon you will be a parent or a parent again.

Proof Positive is inspired by those first lines that is Proof Positive that you are expecting. Like the pink and blue tests Proof Positive will be available in both pink and blue.

Proof Positive Pink has one edgethat is natural with those two bold Pink lines then transitions into a natural to Dark Pink graduated colour transition through very light pink and light pink.

Proof Positive Blue will be similar but just blue, natural with two bold blue lines and a grad transition from natural through light blue and medium blue to dark blue on the other edge.

No matter what colour of test you used... there is a Proof Positive to match.

Your semi custom spot on Proof Positve can be reserved here:

or purchased here:



On your semi custom spot you get to choose your weft fibre, cotton, flax blend, merino wool (natural only), superwash merino/silk (natural only, and silk; and colour and your weave structure, plain, pebble, our w4Twill, and our W4Heart weaves, along with any accents that you may like as a center marker or as tail accents.

On Proof Positive Pink Nancy wove samples in cotton, available in Natural, Light pink, very light pink, dark pink, fuchsia, raspberry, magenta, or purple, in our exclusive flax blend weft in natural, fuchsia, raspberry, and purple, silk wefts are available in natural, light pink, raspberry, and purple. Merino wool and superwash merino wool and silk yarns are available in natural only.

Proof Positive Pink weft samples (all in plain weave):

Proof Positive Blue weft samples:


Proof Positive weave Structures

West 4th Hearts

West 4th Hearts

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