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West 4th Dawn... an Accessible wrap

We are excited to be releasing West 4th Dawn. Dawn is the latest wrap in our Accessible collection of woven wraps. Our Accessible wraps and ring slings feel and wrap just like a handwoven wrap but they are machine woven. Our Accessible wraps are soft and supple right out of the box and ready to wear as soon as you receive it. There is no need to break your West 4th wrap in... we weave them and send them to you "broke in".

Dawn is a Charcoal to light grey grad woven wrap that is crossed with a natural cotton weft. Dawn is easy to care for with no special requirements, just machine wash and dry like all of our Accessible wraps. Dawn feels and wraps just like our 100% cotton handwoven wraps.

Dawn is available as a ring sling, and as a wrap in sizes small (3m), medium small (3.8m, size 4), medium (4.2m, size 5), large (4.6m size 6), and XLarge (5.2m size 7). Ring slings are a one size fits most. To wrap your little one in a front wrap cross carry you will most likely need your wrap size to match your shirt size. If you wear a small or medium shirt you will most likely need a medium wrap, for a large tshirt you will most likely need a large wrap, and an Xlarge tsirt you will most likely need an Xlarge.

West 4th Dawn will be available through our retailers on December 1, 2016 and in our online West 4th Wraps store on December 2, 2016.

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