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West 4th Silk

Vibrant. Unique. Exceptionally crafted. Functional and incredibly beautiful- our custom handwoven wraps will not only become a coveted babywearing tool, but a piece of artfully crafted fabric you will love to touch, feel, and wear!

Here at West of the 4th Weaving, we love diversity. Diversity in color, in design, and texture. We enjoy integrating and offering as many special features into our baby wraps as possible within our weaving style.

The custom handwoven wraps we produce present a unique opportunity to create a piece of fabric that embodies a special time in someone's life, an adventure they have had, or perhaps a color scheme symbolic of a person-or- a part of the natural world that feels sacred to them.

Nancy always feels honored with the privilege to design something so special for others and their children.

When a design is announced, you have the opportunity to share in the celebration! You have the chance to select a piece of that fabric that is uniquely you!

One characteristic that can greatly set one wrap apart from another in

its wrapping qualities. Along with our unique flax weft, another fibre Nancy has enjoyed developing a custom blend of, is our West4th silk.

Our silk is a mulberry silk we source directly from one of the most stabilized silk spinners in the world. This is a custom fibre with a proprietary twist. Our silk is a Mulberry silk, a domesticated silk made by a variety of Asian silk moth, and naturally has an incredibly rich texture. Our silk yarn has a tensile strength that is suitable for babywearing yet is soft to the hand resulting in a luxurious wrap for you and your little one.

Developing this yarn has resulted in a soft and durable fabrics that is suitable for babywearing purposes and enhance the inherent strength in this special natural fibre.

Our silk wraps are 50% cotton, 50% silk. We currently offer silk in twelve colours :Lotus (light pink), Nude (light orange), Wheat (natural), Plume (light blue), Emerald (turquoise), Gull (grey), Dark Denim (dark blue), Blue Belle (medium blue), Very Berry (Fuchsia), Dalia (purple) clover (raspberry red), and Raven (black).

Our Silk is offered as weft only and only for special order on any of our upcoming customs.

Like wool, silk is naturally thermoregulative so a wonderful fiber for those hot, steamy days and sticky, muggy summer nights.

They are thin in hand, yet provide a rock solid weight bearing capacity, weighing around 240g/m2 and a width of 29 /12 inches. The silk weft becomes buttery soft with use, yet maintains an incredible grip when tied. The strength of the fiber imparts little diagonal stretch compared to some of our other wefts and has a flatter, solid feel on the shoulders, without any sense of dig or sag. Many people find silk a fabulous choice for toddlers, and even bigger kids in multi layer carries, and of course is a delightful choice for young babies as well.

Which colour of our silk yarns do you like the best? For each custom design we offer pieces of for purchase, Nancy will carefully select a unique pallet of colors from collection of weft fibers for you to choose from.

West of the 4th Weaving〰 Uniquely Canadian. Uniquely Handmade. Uniquely You.

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