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West 4th Sponsors BWI

In 2008 when I started weaving baby wraps all I wanted to do was share my love of functional weaving through what I thought was an amazing woven product.... baby wraps. In September 2015 Corwyn and I welcomed our first child into our family. I quickly found out how amazing wrapping my little one was. The first year of our little girl's life involved lots of wrapping. The practicality of wrapping and all of the amazing benefits that wrapping my little one has brought me has further inspired me to share my love of babywearing and woven wraps.

I am excited to be able to share my love of wrapping my little one. Its my love of sharing babywearign that has inspired me and my studio, West of the 4th Weaving, to sponsor Babywearing International.

I am proud to announce a 4 year $25,000US sponsorship of BWI (Babywearing International). Our Sponsorship is to provide 30 West 4th Accessible wraps, size large, per year for the next 4 years. Our sponsorship will allow each participating BWI chapter to have an Accessible wrap in their lending library. We will be shipping the first 30 wraps to participating chapters in August 2016 with an additional 30 wrap being sent in January of each successive year until January 2019.

It is the mutual goals of myself, my studio, and BWI to promote and share babywearing in our local communities. I am happy to be able to partner with the local BWI chapters to help each chapter to share babywearing in their community with the help of a West 4th Wrap.

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